Racing + Forms

Racing Information

Mini Bike - Knobby tires permitted
Novice open
Amateur open
+35 (Veteran) open

400 cc and under 

Asphalt only 400 cc and under
Asphalt open
Pro Asphalt

Pro Open Bike

Amateur ATV - stock tires
Pro ATV - slick tires

Avon loaner program in effect for riders with mx sized wheels. No cost to rider, you change tires and return at the end of the event.

Price Breakdown
$30 for Saturday Evening Lapping/Practice (with valid membership, + $10 without). Mini $15
$95 on Sunday for your 1st class and if you enter a second class its another $60. Mini $30
$120 "pro" entry fee. $100 goes to rider, $20 to track.
$20 gate fee for the weekend
$20 transponder rental + ($50 refundable deposit when you return it) optional
Transponders track grid positions for heat races and race results.

Race License - good for the whole 2016  race season at all events
                       - Other recognized race licenses accepted at final event
*$40 day membership for racers without valid membership (good for the entire weekend) 

**Race License with school is included in price. Race school May 1.(Lapping Fee + $30)
(Price to be set on confirmed numbers) 
                        It has been decided we are a non for profit club and our motivation is 
                        to develop rider skills and improve safety.

Click HERE for 2016 Race Entry Form 
French Registration Ici
Click HERE for 2016 Mandatory Waiver 

Race Day Schedule
 Click HERE to see race day schedule.
 French Ici

Rule Book Link
 2016 Rulebook link HERE

Bike Tech:
Water wetter or water
mechanically sound bike
Lights taped over
Proper chain tension and condition
Locking wire front brake (or silicone)
Locking wire oil drain (or silicone)
Catch can for carburetor bikes

Axel and peg sliders are highly recommended
Hand guards are highly recommended

Gear for racing?
Full leathers with boots. One or two piece zipped.
MX gear is not permitted.
You need to be aware that 70% of the riding is on a paved surface and the abrasive pavement can wear through MX gear quickly at speed.
You can also wear street gear like ballistic jackets and pants in Novice only. Some have built in armor to protect in case of a fall.
Boots must protect the rider in the event of a fall or slide.
Helmets must meet SNELL, ECE, BSI and be under 6 years old.
Proper Eye protection including Goggles or fold down visor mandatory.

Shannonville Motorsports Park has free on-site camping with showers available.
Hydro is available for tire warmers.
Cafeteria is on site.