Race School

Race School May 1 includes Race License, Lapping and Instructor Fees. ($125 Lapping fee + $30 school) 
Memberships are $25 for the season. Otherwise the lapping day is an additional $20.

Race school is the entire day; 9:00am to 5:00pm.
Shannonville Motorsports Park will accept Credit Card payments prior to all events. Cash only day of event. ABM available on site. 

Phone: 1-613-969-1906

Mail: Shannonville Motorsport Park
          7047 Old Highway 2
          Shannonville, ON K0K 3A0

*All Pre Race School registration done through email to: supermotoontario@gmail.com. Subject line "race school." 

Memberships can be obtained in advance as per link at bottom. "2016 Memberships"

Bike tech required for all lapping and race school.

Bike Tech:
Water wetter or water
mechanically sound bike
Lights taped over
Proper chain tension and condition
Locking wire front brake (or silicone)
Locking wire oil drain (or silicone)
Catch can for carburetor bikes
Axel and peg sliders are highly recommended
Hand guards are highly recommended

What do riders wear on the track?
One or two piece leathers.
MX gear is not permitted.
You need to be aware that 70% of the riding is on a paved surface and the abrasive pavement can wear through MX gear quickly at speed.
You can also wear street gear like ballistic jackets and pants in the Novice group only. Some have built in armor to protect in case of a fall.
Boots must protect the rider in the event of a fall or slide.
Helmets that meet SNELL, ECE, BSI that are under 6 years old.
Proper eye protection including goggles or fold down helmet visor. 

Instructor Profiles

Kevin Kiddle:
Kevin started racing novice and sportsman with ESMRA supermoto in 2007 on stock wheels. He started racing supermoto in the year of 2008. Kevin won the Can-am series in 2009 for Open Amateur and entered his first Pro Class in 2011 finishing 4th. In 2014 finished 3rd in the national series for the Pro 450 class. And in 2015 he finished third overall in the National Pro series. Kevin has also been heavily involved in Supermoto Ontario as Vice President organizing lapping and race events for the club. He has also greatly improved rider safety by redesigning our dirt section and passing on his expertise to fellow riders for the past several years.

Donovan Paige:
Donovan has been a Senior instructor at Racer 5 since their inception. This same person ran the original RACE school in Supermoto in 2008, 2009. They have also taught at the Mark Burkhard School at Batavia NY, and taught at the California superbike school 6 times within the last 10 years. Depending on the number of attendees this instructor has close ties with the former CMRC and ESMRA pro champ.

Jennifer Roth:
Jennifer has been a Senior Motorcycle Instructor since 2003, she had an undefeated season in the Formula Femme Class in 2012 and 2013 with SOAR. She has also won the Formula Femme Championship in 2013. Other highlights are winning the GTU 3hr Endurance Championship in 2012, and finishing 4th in the Bridgestone Cup in 2015 with SOAR. She has also attended an FIM women's road racing camp in Almeria in February 2014 to polish her already impressive riding and teaching skills.

Memberships for the 2016 season are now available!
Your Supermoto Ontario membership entitles you to the Canadian National Championship and Can/Am races in Ontario, Quebec, U.S East Coast, Michigan, Ontario Provincial Championship races and and all SMO track Lapping days + an entitlement to all club discounts.

Club memberships are $25. This goes to support all events. Supermoto Ontario is non for profit and run by volunteers. More memberships= more lapping days.