Lapping Days + Form

Supermoto Ontario has Full and Evening non-competitive lapping days.

See 2016 Schedule for dates.

All lapping days are for enthusiasts to have the opportunity to improve riding skills, meet new people, have fun in a safe environment.

2 for 1 Lapping at Shannonville Motorsports Park are for mixed rider groups. The three classes are to ensure safety and rider enjoyment. Only expert riders are permitted on the Advanced Nelson pavement sessions. The Novice mixed class is for riders looking for a pavement only session without worrying about high speed riders being on at the same time. Supermoto only is as it sounds. This is on the supermoto course which is 70% pavement and 30% dirt and follows the Nelson circuit. The dirt is well groomed and includes two table tops, large burmed corner, step up style jump and a flat track inspired long corner. No dirt is dispersed onto the pavement. This ensures the pavement only sessions are as safe as possible.

In the event of rain, we will run the pavement only to ensure rider safety.

We provide free rider instruction the entire day, offer help with suspension set up. Shannonville has an on site food bar with burger, sandwich type food including breakfast. There is also free camping for those who want to come up the night before. Showers and bike wash are on site.

Riders of all skills regularly attend our track lapping days. We welcome all riders who wishes to develop their dirt/pavement abilities. We run a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike) event.  Flat track set ups, Supermoto bikes and Quads. And sport bike for our mixed 2 for 1 Lapping days.

Supermoto is not only fun to ride, but fun just to spectate. Riders that back it in to the front stretch corner and go big in the dirt is something to see and a crowd favorite.

Registration closes at 10:00 am. Please ensure you arrive early to take advantage of the whole day of lapping. Registration opens at 8:00.

Bike Tech:
Water wetter or water
mechanically sound bike
Lights taped over
Proper chain tension and condition
Locking wire front brake (or silicone)
Locking wire oil drain (or silicone)
Catch can for carburetor bikes
Axel and peg sliders are highly recommended
Hand guards are highly recommended

What do riders wear on the track?
One or two piece leathers.
MX gear is not permitted.
You need to be aware that 70% of the riding is on a paved surface and the abrasive pavement can wear through MX gear quickly at speed.
You can also wear street gear like ballistic jackets and pants in the Novice group only. Some have built in armor to protect in case of a fall.
Boots must protect the rider in the event of a fall or slide.
Helmets that meet SNELL, ECE, BSI that are under 6 years old.
Proper eye protection including goggles or fold down helmet visor.

Cost including GST
1.      Full Day:                       $125.00 with membership
2.      Evening Lapping           $30 Shannonville with membership
      *Please see Lapping Day Registration Form for lapping fees and other info.

Membership and discounts good for the 2016 season; including all races, Lapping days and club discounts.Please see Lapping Day Registration Form for pricing and other details.

Lapping Day Registration Form

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