Friday, May 10, 2013

2013 Rules Update

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Summary of changes:
Classes relate to specific license levels:
Pro Bike: 4
Intermediate (SM1): 3
Open Amateur: 2
Novice: 1
SM 250: 2 or 3
Veteran 35+: 2,3,4
Quad Pro: QP
Quad Amateur: QA
SM1 is now referred to as Intermediate and is now only a single final moto format.
A Pro/Am class (level 3,4) has been added. It's a non-championship class intended for Intermediate riders, Vet and Pro riders outside the top 5 in points. A way to give riders another class option for those looking to ride a 2nd class for more track time

Riders are eligible to earn National Points only for their licensed class level as noted above. (eg. Novice earn Novice points)
Riders entering optional classes will be included in the event results and awards for the day.
Riders ranked in the top 5 National Standings may request to upgrade their license one level at any time during the season. Eg. 2-3 (Subject to approval by 2 officials)
Once advanced, riders may not step down one level until they have been absent for two complete seasons.

Noise should not exceed 98dB - This will be checked at certain events

Effective in 2014 : 
Intermediate and Quad Amateur 2013 champion will automatically advance into the Pro or Quad Pro class.
At the end of the season, any rider (in Novice, Amateur and Semi-Pro) within 10% of the champions’ total (including the champion) will be advanced to the next higher license level.  For example : 10% of 100 pts = 10 pts