Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Press Release: Avon Tires Come Try Supermoto Program

March 13, 2013

Supermoto Ontario is excited to partner with Avon Tyres to create the “Come Try Supermoto” program. 

Avon Tyres has stepped up to kickstart a new program enabling those with adult size off-road bikes the opportunity enjoy an all-inclusive package to test out Supermoto for the first time. By providing rental tires that will fit on stock MX wheels along with a set price for all the track fees, Supermoto Ontario and Avon have made it really easy to get in the game and have some fun. $200 covers your temporary race license/ club membership, use of tires, Saturday practice and Sunday race entry for one class. This event weekend will give you plenty of on-track practice leading into your first race with guys and gals at your skill level. It's a great way to enjoy a bike you already own in an all-new way and learn some skills that will make you a better rider.

The Avon Tyres “Come Try Supermoto” program will be offered on three dates for 2013 all at Shannonville Motorsports Park in Shannonville, Ontario. Book a spot for June 15-16, August 10-11 or September 28-29 weekends. *Deposit required.

To make it even easier, riders in the program will have access to free help in setting up the bike, access to riding tips, personal coaching and much more. For safety, bikes will need to be in good working order to start with and have a few simple changes made like swapping coolant for water so they meet track specs.

For more details on and how to take part in the Avon Tyres “Come Try Supermoto” program please visit the Supermoto Ontario Club website at

A special thank you to Avon Tyres and Parts Canada for bringing this program to life!

Drop us a line to ask any questions and then reserve your spot, as space is limited. 

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