Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pictures from July 2nd Mosport RDT Track Day

I finally made it out to one of the track days GP Bikes organises at the Mosport Rider Development Track and I had a blast. That track is so much fun on a Supermoto. It isnt too wide open, has elevation changes and a bunch of corners you can back it into. We got a ton of track time in - probably 6 - 15 min sessions. There were only 4 of us signed up for the supermoto session so we just rode in the advanced group with the sport bikes. I'd never rode with sport bikes before and its crazy how much different supermoto lines are and how much deeper we can go on the brakes.
The next RDT track day is Aug 1. It would be awesome if we could get a bunch of supermotos out. It would only make it more fun. Give GP Bikes a call and get signed up!
Here are some pics that Dave Arnold took of Sam (#5) and I (Jerrett #67). I took a bunch of helmet cam video so hopefully I can get that edited soon and post it up too.