Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shannonville Kart Track Practice - June 7th 6PM to 8PM

Who would be interested in going to Shannonville to ride the Kart track Thursday June 7th from 6pm until 8pm?

This is still tentative because we are closely watching the weather for Thursday afternoon.

Right now there are 4 riders that are in 100% if the weather holds out. The cost to rent the kart track is $150 per hour + tax. We are going to rent it for 2 hours. 6PM until 8PM. Total cost is $339 /3 = $113 each if we have 3 riders. Cost will drop to the following if we get more riders.

4 - $84.75
5 - $67.80
6 - $56.50
7 - $48.43
8 - $42.38

The kart track represents about 60-70% of the course that we will ride June 16-17 weekend for round 2. We did this last year before the final race of the season and it helped me immensely. Dave Arnold will be there riding and has offered to help riders if you have any questions about technique or racing lines etc.

If interested please email supermotoontario@gmail.com and we'll fill you in on more info

Even if you can't make it, please spread the word. We would like to get 5 or more riders out to bring the cost down for everyone.