Thursday, May 24, 2012

GP Bikes / SMO Trackdays at Mosport RDT

In the never ending quest to find EPIC places to ride, Supermoto Ontario is excited to add 3 more riding dates you won't want to miss. We have been given the opportunity to have an ongoing session space at the Mosport RDT! For those that don't know RDT stands for Rider Development Track and for good reason! It's a place that Dave Arnold calls the best paved Supermoto course in all of Ontario so it will certainly test your mettle and you are guaranteed to become a better rider just for having ridden it.
GP Bikes, a dealer in Whitby has for years organized motorcycle track days at Mosport RDT with great success. They are well-run informal events which almost always sell out. Mosport allows 18 bikes per session and traditionally they rotate beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions for a total of 54 bikes. If we can consistently support 12-18 bikes we get our own 4th track session - ALL SUPERMOTO! Sessions will be in the 10 to 15 min range. These are the only three opportunities to run bikes on this track ALL YEAR.
While mixing it up with GSXr's and Ninjas is fun for a while, riding with your own affords a greater opportunity to learn the correct lines and riding technique used in Supermoto. RDT has great elevation changes and width allowing for safe passing and room to make mistakes as you learn. GPs' events at Mosport have corner marshals with radio communication, proper restrooms, paved pits, ambulance and even a chase vehicle should you break down in the back 40. Your entry also includes a free BBQ lunch with soft drinks. During lunch they accept optional donations for a local charity which is classy.
These great RDT events take place on holidays so there is no excuse not to come and hang. Heck you can even get two full days in at the cottage, blaze home with no traffic on Sun night and get full day of Moto in on the Monday. Events run rain or shine (not in lightening) and because entry is limited to 18 bikes, pre entry is required. Final fee is still being decided (based on commitment levels) but it will be at most $140.00 plus HST. If we can fill our class (or come close) the price will drop a bit. For access to this caliber of facility, completely organized with the amount of track time you get the price is very reasonable.
This one of those relaxed events where the amount you'll learn and the fun you'll have is hard to top! This is a great place to talk your friends into coming out and trying the sport!

Here is a video to give you an idea what the RDT track is like on board a supermoto:

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Ride your Supermoto in rotating sessions all day.
You WILL be tired by 5pm :)

MOSPORT RDT (Now Called Canadian Tire Motorsport Park)
Oshawa / Bowmanville area (click Visitor Info for directions)

Monday July 2, 2012
Wednesday Aug 1, 2012
Monday Sept 3, 2012
Sign in and Tech inspection open at 8:00am
Mandatory Riders Meeting @ 8:45am
First session on track right after Riders Meeting

Incredible Supermoto track that is open to bikes ONLY 3 times per YEAR!
Pro level riders on hand to offer tips.

Secure your spot directly with GP bikes staff.
Book all three dates and get a discount.
Booking open now.
Ask for Service department regarding track days.

Proper motorcycle track attire required.
No Antifreeze -use water and Water Wetter (trackside assistance can be provided on this)
Coolant and Oil drain Bolts must be dabbed with silicone or safety wired. (trackside assistance can be provided on this)
Lights and turn signals allowed if covered with tape.
Motorcycle in proper working and safe condition
Canopy or EZ up is a good idea, there is no shade.
Brings at least 4 gallons of gas and lots of water.
Fastest point on the track for a pro is around 90mph.
Bring a helmet Cam if you have one.
No Gate fee so bring family and friends.
Bring rain tires if you have them.
More right turns than left so right side of tires wear faster.