Thursday, January 12, 2012

SMO Bike Show Wrap Up

Last weekend was the International Motorcycle Super Show in Toronto. This marked the official launch for the Supermoto Ontario club. The booth looked awesome and attracted a lot of people.
Each day we had some stage time where Frank Wood interviewed us regarding the plans for SMO.
The Maxima prize pack giveaway built up our mailing list to keep everyone updated. Jeff Wilkinson of Petrolia was the lucky winner.
We made a number of great connections with members of the media and began to plan some articles to promote Supermoto.
There was a good discussion with the SOAR road race club and the Grand Bend road course regarding teaming up to do some racing during SOAR events.
The highlight of the show was the large amount of interest there was in Supermoto. Lots of people stopped to say, "Man that looks fun!". They left the booth informed on what it takes to get involved and what our plans are for the coming season. A good portion of the interest came from supermoto street riders looking for some track time and that we can definetly accommodate
11 memberships were sold over the weekend, mostly to current racers but a few were new faces.
The bike show launch was a success and the club is hoping to carry this new momentum into further planning for the 2012 season.