Thursday, December 8, 2011

Press Release: Supermoto Ontario Launches for 2012 Season

December 9, 2011 Kitchener, Ontario - Supermoto Ontario is a newly formed club focused on promoting Supermoto riding/ racing in Ontario. The club is incorporated as a non for profit organization and is made up of a board of directors who are all riders passionate about the sport. 
Supermoto racing in Ontario reached its peak around 2005 and has been in a decline ever since. The club is working to change this by rebuilding the sport in Ontario from the ground up. Supermoto Ontario will be organizing open track days for the 2012 season where riders will be able to come and participate on a Supermoto specific track. The goal is to increase participation and add racing to the 2013 schedule.
The track will be setup in the parking lot of the Shell truck stop in Drumbo, Ontario (between Kitchener and Woodstock) directly off hwy 401 at exit 250. The lot is freshly paved, has a very large area to work with and an area for a dirt section to be constructed. These track days will be focused on inexpensive fun with instruction available onsite.
For those of you who have an Offroad/MX bike and have always wanted to try supermoto, now is the time! To get your bike setup properly it is as simple as swapping out your knobby tires to something non-knobby like a dual sport or flat track racing tire. Mounting a fluids catch can and axle sliders is required for safety. Supermoto is one of the cheapest disciplines of motorcycle riding and racing.
A website for Supermoto Ontario has been setup at When finalized, the event schedule will be posted on the website. There is a bunch more info there on Supermoto including what it takes to get your bike setup, what it needs to pass technical inspection as well as pictures and videos. 
Supermoto Ontario will be present at the Motorcycle Super Show this coming January 6-8. Please come by our booth to check out some bikes, videos and get all of the info you will need to get out riding Supermoto with the club. A special thanks to the Super Show for donating the booth space to the Club.

For more information please visit the club website 
or send an email to:
Supermoto Ontario is sponsored by NineOneNine Designs, Maxima Oils, Artisan Complete and SuperShow Events
About Supermoto:  Supermoto is a form of motorcycle riding/ racing that combines the best aspects of different disciplines of motorcycle racing such as the speed and cornering of road racing, the dirt and jumps of motocross and the sliding through the corners of flat track. The bikes are typically motocross machines converted with smaller wheels with slick tires and oversized brakes. The tracks consist of pavement and dirt at a ratio of typically 70% pavement and 30% dirt.