Monday, November 14, 2011

Technical Inspection

Supermoto tracks feature a pavement section and therefore require a few safety precautions
For the open track days the technical inspection will require less modifications than for a race day

For Open Track Days:
- First off your bike must be mechanically sound: brakes must work, kill switch must work, brakes must work, no loose spokes, no loose wheel bearings, steering bearings must be tight.

- Fluid containment. You need catch cans in place to contain the carburetor vent and over flow lines, coolant overflow. How to make a catch can  (will be updated soon)
- A dab of silicone on the oil drain plug and coolant drain plug to keep them from backing out
- Antifreeze must be changed to straight water or a non glycol based coolant. Water wetter is a good additive to use with straight water. The reason for this is that if antifreeze is spilled on pavement it it extremely slippery and this is very dangerous. This is a quick and easy change.
- Axle sliders protect your bike and the pavement track surface from damage in event of a fall. Sliders are cheap and easy to make. How to make axle sliders (will be updated soon)
- Footpeg sliders mount to the bottom of the foot pegs. This keeps the foot pegs from scraping the track in the event of a crash or when cornering with great lean angles. How to make peg sliders (coming soon)

* Note: If you come out to a track day and your bike does not pass technical inspection you will not be sent home. We will do whatever it takes to get you going or give you a break until next time
* If you need help obtaining catch cans or sliders shoot us an email and we will help

For Racing:

Racing inspection is more detailed than that for open track days. All listed above and below are required. 
- Safety Wire instead of silicone. You will need to safety wire all bolts that if removed would allow fluids to be released. This includes oil drain/ fill bolts, water pump bolts, oil filter bolts.
- The front brake caliper mounting bolts need to be safety wired.
-Safety wiring is running small wire through bolt heads to keep them from coming loose. How to safety wire bolts (will be updated soon) 
- The crank case breather line should either be run to the air box or into a catch can.