Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Supermoto Ontario has a Home for 2012

We have secured a location to build/ setup our home base track for this coming season! It will be at the Shell Travel Centre in Drumbo, Ontario Exit 250 off of the 401. Drumbo is located between Kitchener and Woodstock. This is an ideal location because it is within an hours drive from the Greater Toronto Area and is very close to Kitchener, London, Hamilton and more... The travel centre has a huge paved parking lot where we are able to use a large section allong the back of the lot(see satellite image). The paved parking lot leads directly to an open grass area that we have permission to build a dirt section in! There is also a full restaurant, bar, gas station and showers on site. We highly recommend everyone to support the restaurant and gas station.
 Satellite image of the area to be used. The red boxes show the area where the track will be laid out

 This picture gives you an idea of how much paved area we have to work with. The pavement is only a year old too!
This is where the dirt section of the track will be built

Keep checking back for more progress on plans for 2012 events at this location