Sunday, March 13, 2011

Come Try Supermoto: More Info

Pricing for the “Come try Supermoto” program.

Saturday practice - $25
Sunday race fee - $95
Race license - $30*
Weekend tire rental - $50

 Total $200 **
 * Good for single race weekend. You can upgrade to a full license for an additional $25.
** Does not include gate fee of $15 or transponder rental ($20 + $50 refundable deposit) if you want to be scored.

 If you want to purchase a new set of these tires we have a special price while supplies last.

21" front and 18" rear for $250
21” front and 19" rear for $275

Tire codes that we will be using for the Avon “Come try Supermoto” Program. (You can purchase directly from your local dealer. Cost may be different)

21" Front tire Code 2969411

19" Rear tire Code 2079012

18" Rear tire Code 2976811 


·         Interested riders need to email the club to reserve their spot. $50 deposit is required. This is non refundable.

·         Supermoto Ontario personnel will be there to assist with tire changes but it is the responsibility of the rider.

·         Pinched tubes will be riders responsibility.

·         Riders taking part will be given coaching and guidance on race lines, braking techniques, start procedure etc.

·         Bikes need to have minimal preparations: water for coolant and catch can.

·         Required to sign waver

Recommended Gear

·         Leather road race style suits are recommended. Let us know your size if you do not own a suit. We may have some spares available to rent for $25 for the weekend. 

·         Motocross gear is acceptable with knee pads and plastic upper body/chest/shoulder pads. Motocross gear will not last very long sliding across pavement....

·         Helmet: Full coverage: Road race style with face shield or motocross style with goggles

·         Gloves: Leather palmed, full finger

·         Boots: Motocross style boots preferred. Road racing boots will work.

Any other questions please email us at: